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Coldelite Compacta 3004 Combo – Ice Cream Machine from Carpigiani
Coldelite Compacta 3004 Kombi – Eismaschine von Carpigiani Combination machine Coldelite Compacta 3004 from Carpigiani is a Pasteurizer and Ice Cream Machine in one device. This machine is in first class condition with a limited output and is conceived for middle sized production operations.

Two machines in one:
  • In the upper section you will find a horizontal cylinder for the preparation of the mix
  • In the lower part you will find a horizontal cylinder for the production of ice cream
A single machine encapsulates the whole production process for ice cream:
  • The mixer for the mixing of the raw materials
  • The pasteuriser for the pasteurisation of the mix ingredients
  • The freezer for the production of ice cream, sorbets and fruit creams
This means that as well as ice cream production, patisseries creams, mousses and other confectionary specialities can be produced. A complete workshop for ice cream production for the price of one machine. The Compacta 3004 has all the processing operations in one continuous cycle, the ice cream produced is free from environmental contamination and hygienically intact.

Ca. Amount Mix per freezing cycle Approx. Production per hour Electrical Output Dimensions in cm Condenser Ca Weight in Kg
Produced Ice Cream per Litre Produced Ice Cream per Litre
Min Max Min Max kW Volt W D H
5,5 19,6 34 120 15 400 60 87 153 Water 500

For all used machines offered by us the following applies:

  • Overhauled, defect parts were replaced with original spare parts
  • Technical components disassembled, cleaned on the inside and outside
  • Exchange of defect wear and tear components and installation of original spare parts in our workshop
  • Update according to EC regulation. 1005/2009 of the refrigeration system with prohibited refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finish and reconditioning of the stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Several test runs in our workshop documented by the respective skilled worker
  • Delivery with Garbilupe and Operating Manual of the corresponding manufacturer

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

14 days exchange right
EUR 15.770,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 1 year warranty.)