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Isa Coldstone Show Display Cabinet for Ice Cream Production
Isa Coldstone Show Vitrine zur Speiseeisproduktion Gelato Mix 170 Coldstone Unit: professional Show-Decoration of Ice Cream with Toppings, Chocolate and/or Sauces

Gelato Mix 170 in a ready-to-plug and use assembly with a specially cooled marble plate (525 x 952 mm) for professional show-decorating of ice cream with toppings, chocolate and/or sauces; unobstructed views for the customer, for a maximum visibility of the display area; bright illumination of the visible area; high gloss polished stainless steel visible surfaces; glazed front screen and payment plate made of safety glass; serial equipment incl. transparent containers for storing toppings, 6 x GN 1/9 and x GN 1/6; integrated bain-maries on the sides for keeping chocolate or sauces warm professionally; Bottom support incl. a portioning sink with cleaning shower and an extractable tray; electronic control for the refrigerated plate and both bain-maries.

Capacity: 6 GN 1/9 containers, transparent
5 GN 1/6 containers, transparent
2 bain-marie sinks, Ø 211 mm
Temperature range: 65 °C
-16 to -21 °C
at 30 °C UT and 55 % RF
Connected load: 1250 W / 230 V
Cover material: outside: CNS
inside: CNS
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 1737x1205x1373

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

EUR 5.450,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 3 year warranty.)