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Icetech Ice Cream Machine TP 4 Made in Italy
Icetech Eismaschine TP 4 Made in Italy


The "TRE IN UNO" in the four versions TP3,TP4,TP5 and TP7 is a comprehensive system for the mixing, pasteurising, heating and stirring of ice cream mixtures, all in one machine.

The upper heating and mixing tank as well as the lower mixing-cooling cylinder functions automatically and allows an uninterrupted production, without unnecessary breaks. Manufactured from high quality materials, this device is perfect for everyone who does not want to forgo their own high quality ice cream production, but also do not have unlimited space available. Below, the production phases are detailed:

The heating process of the mixture is completely managed by an electronic control unit with an LCD touchscreen, which supports homogenous heating from high(+85° C adjustable) to low (+65° C adjustable) pasteurisation temperatures. The bain-marie system with glycol prevents any problems with the encrustation or burning of the mixture.

The refrigeration process takes place after the heating process, as soon as the electronics signal with beeping that the mixture has reached a temperature of +85°C or +65°C.

After the mixture has been transferred with the help of a tap, into the vat of the mixing-cooling cylinder, the user instigates the mixing-cooling phase, which is automatically controlled by an electronic steering device. Our new mixing devices MT 3/4/5/7, also have the function ``WATER ICE´´.

Hourly Production 15/45 kg
Capacity upper vat min. 2 l
max. 14 l
Capacity lower tank min. 3 l
max. 6 l
Compressor power Hp. 3
Energy Consumption 9,5 kW
Electrical Properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compression Water
Refrigerant Gas R 404 A
Dimensions 535 x 715 x 1400 mm
Weight 290 kg

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

EUR 29.700,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 3 year warranty.)