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Icetech Ice Cream Machine TP 7 Cream Plus Made in Italy
Icetech Eismaschine TP 7 Cream Plus Made in Italy


The CREAM PLUS device is manufactured in four versions, 3-4-5-7, and is a real gem for ice cream parlours and confectioners, because it is manufactured with the most modern mechanical, electrical and refrigeration technology components.

In the upper vat, the device heats and cools using the bain-marie (“Wasserbad“) System with glycol, which prevents the build-up of deposits. Ice cream mixes, rich crème pâtissière, (using intermittent stirring), delicious jams, invert sugar and softened chocolate can all be prepared.

The lower mixing chamber of the device functions like a normal mixing device of the ICETECH range, with the most up to date technology, producing astoundingly dry and high quality ice cream with an excellent consistency, optimal yield and quality.

The upper vat functions completely independently of the mixing chamber below. The product can not only be heated, but also cooled, and can kept at a constant temperature set by the user, over zero degrees. By way of the practical dispensing nozzle the following is made possible:

  • The ice cream mixture can transferred directly to the mixer, quickly and easily.
  • Crème pâtissière (and other recipes) are available conveniently, without having to pass through the mixing chamber.
  • The cleaning and sterilisation of the device is speedy and can be carried out in accordance with the highest health regulations.

After the user has poured the mixture, using the valve, into the mixing chamber, the mixing, automatically controlled with a microprocessor, gets underway. As with the new mixers MT 3/4/5/7 also has a `Water ice´ function.

Hourly Production 40/95 kg
Capacity upper vat min. 2 l
max. 14 l
Capacity lower vat min. 6 l
max. 15 l
Energy Consumption 12 kW
Electrical Properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compression Water
Refrigerant Gas R 404 A
Dimensions 535 x 915 x 1400 mm
Weight 340 kg

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

EUR 39.200,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 3 year warranty.)