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Bartscher Coffee Machine Coffeeline G3plus
Bartscher Kaffeemaschine Coffeeline G3plus


State-of-the-art and highly sophisticated, the Bartscher Coffeeline offers everything you would expect from a modern filter coffee machine. Preparation of fresh coffee, steam and hot-water dispersal for tea or instant drinks is possible simultaneously. Due to the automatic fill level sensor inside the boiler, the filter coffee machine is perfectly suited for continuous operation.

  • Steel casing
  • Simple removal of the casing
  • Anti-vacuum valve for the boiler
  • Immediate hot water supply directly from inside the boiler
  • Chromium-plated ball joint dispensing pipes for steam and hot water withdrawal
  • Automatic water refilling through a magnetic valve
  • In-built volumetric motor pump with 2 pressure valves
  • Particle filter
  • Relief valve
  • PREE BREE SYSTEM (patented coffee pre-brewing process)
  • Microprocessor in-built in the switch panel controls the coffee dosing
  • Automatic boiler filling
  • Automatic cleaning of the brewing unit
  • 4 different programs for the dosing per group
  • Control lamp for the boiler
  • One separate 1.5 l boiler per brewing group with the innovative PID sensor system for a precise setting of the brewing temperature
  • One display per brewing group for an independent electronic temperature setting
  • Connected load: 6.3 kW / 400 V 50 Hz 3 NAC
  • Dimensions: w 967 x d 580 x h 523 mm
  • Weight: 87 kg

With an additional water filter system you can achieve the best drink quality and maximize the lifespan of the machine.

The plus in the „plus“ machines: an additional boiler as well as an additional display for the temperature setting per brewing group enable a brewing temperature control down to the single degree level and thus create optimal conditions for the preparation of premium-grade coffee specialties. Example:

  • left brewing group at 91 °C for lighter coffee varieties
  • right brewing group at 96 °C for dark roasted coffee beans
EUR 4.158,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 3 year warranty.)